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As experienced scientists, we find out things that no one knew before, we do things that no one has done before, or we do them better than anyone has done them before. This is the very nature of research. We’re professionals in solving problems. We shape the future by enabling the technology of tomorrow. We work in interdisciplinary teams on a wide range of application-relevant topics. We use cutting-edge tools and develop new methods. This has provided us with broad background knowledge and a unique set of skills. So whatever problems you are facing in your project, chances are we can help you achieve your goals and get there faster.

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Meet the Team

Successfully collaborating for years while individually deepening our mastery of complementary skills, we enjoy working together on projects of mutual interest. Constantly challenging ourselves and each other, we share a passion for learning and exploring.


Dr. Georg Heimel

Georg is an accomplished data scientist and big-data engineer. He has a strong academic background in theoretical physics, in particular in quantum-mechanical simulations of organic semiconductors and their interfaces. Because, at the quantum level, nature is random to the core, statistical argument has long formed the basis for many of his scientific contributions to the field. For the same reasons, advanced techniques of machine learning have quickly become routine elements in his arsenal of computational tools. His knack for informative visualization allows him to accessibly convey the simple truth in convoluted data. With a keen interest in societal needs and technological advances, he enjoys applying his analytical skills and his experience in high-performance scientific computing on distributed architectures to problems that push the limits of what is possible.


Dr. Martin Oehzelt

Equally at home in Computer Science and Physics, Martin is one of a kind: a true universalist. Like no other can he abstract messy real-world scenarios and cast them into powerful, yet appealingly elegant data structures and algorithms. With a strong background in database design and modern web-application frameworks, he can bring to bear the analytical mind of a scientist onto the complex problems of a knowledge-based society. His scientific contributions on the structure and surface science of molecular semiconductors has endowed him with a broad understanding of today’s technological challenges in advanced materials for solar-energy harvesting and of the bleeding-edge experimental tools needed to understand their fundamental properties. Sticking to his computer-science roots, he never tires of translating his vast experience into user-centric data solutions and is always ready to contribute his talent to interesting projects.


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